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Wine in a can. Oregon based Union Wine Co. made some really big steps this year.

UnionWineCompany_by David Reamer


From redesigning the whole Union Wine Co. brand, refreshing the packaging designs, re-building the website, creating some amazing photographs to go with their brand, releasing a very inspiring corporate video, all the way to going even a few steps further and putting their Underwood wine in a can.

Union Wine Co. - wine can

*Photos by Graham Hiemstra for Cool Hunting*

A lot of people might be skeptic about this, but I’m looking forward to it and I say Why not?

It looks great, it’s practical and if nothing else it creates a completely different feeling from your regular wine drinking experience.

It’s for everyone & to take it anywhere.

Union Wine Co.

*pictures from the @unionwinecompany instagram*

Ryan Harms, owner of the Union Wine Co., inspected all the possible obstacles of putting a wine into a can and although it is a highly challenging thing to do, Union Wine Co. will make sure that this idea reaches it’s final consumers.

If you love wine and let’s say you’re having a hiking-camping trip up on the mountains this weekend with some friends, surely bringing the wine in cans sounds like a better option!

Union Wine Co.

These are the people behind the new look & feel of the Union Wine Co.:

Michael and Wendy Etter, brand development, creative direction and design

Mattias Segerholt, brand strategy

Rodrigo Moyses, interactive production / strategy

Jen Nicolazzo, copywriting

Anton Legoo, web design

Jill Quackenbush, web development

David L. Reamer, photography

Joe Stevens, video production

Taylor Murray, video production

Cars & Trains, video music soundtrack

ps. on this years ‘Feast Portland’, Union Wine Co. introduced another cool new member – the Union Wine Tasting Truck. cool!

tasting truck

All info & visuals from the Union Wine Co. website & their social platforms.

.carbonnomads .UnionWineCo.

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