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Carbonnomad started as a state of mind. Well, as my state of mind. From the very beginnings of my business ventures (which were all a big part of my learning process & professional growth) there has always been a specific set of topics that have inspired me and that I have managed to incorporate into my daily life. Just a few of my passions that are behind the idea of Carbonnomads are design, photography, traveling, extreme sports, stunning places, cool gadgets… –  new experiences that all drive us to endless adventures of exploring. Exploring the world around us and exploring ourselves.

We are extremely inspired by passionate people & their passionate journeys.

Here, we’ve decided to use the power of todays technology to continually collect all the places, products & experiences that we are passionate about & to focus it into a positive direction of self-exploring and ultimately a very ‘zen’ state of mind. It really does takes a lot of effort today to be able to distance yourself from the hectic, super-speedy & very loud civilized surroundings. We are aiming to make it easier for you!

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