Wakeskating rice terraces with Brian Grubb

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Brian Grubb and his extreme thinking about this extreme sport took him to Philippines – Wakeskating rice terraces.

The 2,000 year-old man made rice terraces have proven to be the perfect natural set up for this rule braking wakeskater.

Brian, even got some help from the locals, stating that the rice terraces usually have significantly less water, but have been filled up for this adventures event.

.carbonnomads .wakeskating Brian Grubb

“We used a 160m line, flat bar from the pool, ollie the second 5-foot drop, a down-rail 8 foot drop, and a flat rail to down. You have to land in the right spot to get to the rail! 10m in between the rails, you really have to plan your line. Very technical.”

.carbonnomads .wakeskating the rice terraces .carbonnomads .wakeskating the rice terraces“We rode three or four different lines, and there’s room for as many as seven or eight, hopefully we get permission to do an event there.” .carbonnomads .wakeskating the rice terraces .carbonnomads .wakeskating the rice terraces .carbonnomads .wakeskating the rice terraces.carbonnomads .Brian Grubb .carbonnomads .wakeskating the rice terraces

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