Oakley Goggles Airwave 1.5

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Oakley Goggles Airwave 1.5 is a clear example how some brands simply strive perfection. It was a no-shocker when Oakley released their high-end, advanced technology goggles.

Why are they so cool?

Well, first of all they look super-cool (nothing less expected from Oakley) and secondly, it seems that the only thing missing is a built in parachute with a signal rocket.

These high-tech goggles are fully compatible with Smartphones, they have a built-in navigation that tracks not only your daily movements, but can also locate and track your friends on the slopes.

There are a few more perks, such as GPS speed tracking, vertical measurements & jump analytics.

Btw. if you are into setting a beat while on the snow, with these goggles you have a full control over your music.

kick ass stuff.

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For more info check Oakley website.


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