Littlbug Camping Stove

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Looking for a new outdoors stove? Check out the Littlbug Camping Stove!

There’s no question that this lightweight, space saving cooker should be on the top of the list.

.carbonnomads .Littlbug Camping Stove Littlbug Stove

This 5 ounces (app.140 grams) award winning design, presented at the Minnesota inventors congress, assembles in seconds with its four stainless steel laser-cut pieces.

When packed it uses almost no space in any bag.

Littlbug StoveAnother bonus is the fact that it uses renewable fuels to fire up (wood or alcohol), making you environmentally aware – because all the fuel we use plays a part in the threats that fossil fuels present to our rare remaining wilderness parts of the world.

Littlbug Stove

More info & orders on the Littlbug website. (


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