Kitesurfing Ningaloo

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Want to go kitesurfing the North west coast of Western Australia, here’s a few things to know.

The Ningaloo coast has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2011.

It’s an amazing extreme of a really dry landscape & a crystal clear seascape supporting the most extraordinary flora & fauna.

Want to know more? Read on here the UNESCO website for further information: .carbonnomads .kitesurfing .ningaloo .unesco

And for the kitesurfers… it’s heaven.

Water temperatures vary from 18-28 degrees, and it’s dry and warm all year around.

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.carbonnomads .ningaloo

.carbonnomads .kitesurfing ningaloo .carbonnomads .kitesurfing ningaloo .carbonnomads .kitesurfing ningaloo

Kitesurfing rentals & lessons can be booked at NingalooExcape on the site.

.carbonnomads . ningaloo . ningalooexcape

And if you’re not that extreme, you can enjoy fishing in shallow waters..

.carbonnomads .fishing ningaloo

or use the unique opportunity to swim with the Whale Sharks :)




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