Eidfjord Norway

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“The Frost Giants of Norse mythology were huge, cold and practically indomitable. At night they taught the people of the North to fear, only to freeze again the next day.”

A team of extraordinary people decided to bring us closer to the mythic world of Frost Giants by heading on to this unusual expedition and reviving the history.

The location was the stunning Eidfjord Norway, three hours east of the city of Bergen. Eidfjord is famous in ice climbing circles for its large number of icefalls, that are all over 500 m in hight. These impressive ice and snow structures have been for years an irreplaceable attraction for world’s most ambitious ice climbers.

.carbonnomads .frost giants in Norway

Extreme sports photographer Thomas Senf has decided to combine his passion for extreme sports and the beauty of Norway’s frozen waterfalls into a lasting pieces of art. Last winter, he has gathered some of the world’s best professional climbers for a photo shoot in the mountains of Eidfjord in Norway. The colors and the surreal artistic expression of the landscape was created with the help of Swiss light artist Davi Hediger, and the expedition itself was organized by Mammut Sports Group AG from Switzerland.

.carbonnomads .frost giants in Norway.carbonnomads .frost giants in Norway
.carbonnomads .frost giants in Norway

Eisklettern in Norwegen.carbonnomads .frost giants in Norway

For more info about the project & the Eidfjord check the blog of the official tourist board for Western Norway:

.carbonnomads .fjordnorway

*All images copyrighted to Mammut Sports Group AG & Thomas Senf.*


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