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RJ7 Expeditions is providing exceptional ethical travel experiences that include climbing the highest peaks, all for a single cause – making a change.

The Managing Director of RJ7, Rhys Jones, holds a World record as the youngest person to complete the Seven Summits Challenge (climbing the highest mountain on each of the World’s seven continents), reaching the top of Mount Everest on his 20th birthday, in 2006. Except for his constant expeditions where he specializes in safety leadership and managing teams in high risk environments, Rhys runs a social enterprise called Youth Unlimited, which aims to inspire young people to push their boundaries, and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Rhys, together with the Chairman of the RJ7, Stuart Rees Jones (also, Founder and CEO of Camps International), employes 150 staff members worldwide to ensure the highest level of service from the point of booking right through to the summit of the highest mountains.

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The guys at RJ7 organize treks, climbs and challenges to charity fundraisers, corporate teams, and small groups on all 7 continents.

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Camps International, is developed to give anyone the opportunity to make a real difference through sustainable, life-changing project work that will improve the lives of rural communities, protect fragile wildlife habitats and at the same time ensures the opportunity to take on some personal challenges, such as trekking, climbing or diving.

Currently active camps include: Borneo, Ecuador, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda. All volunteers are involved in a wide range of award-winning ongoing community development and wildlife conservation volunteering projects.

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Here are some of the achievements, where the Camps International volunteers have made an immerse difference:

  1. We have built and improved 30 schools
  2. We are working to protect over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat
  3. We have constructed almost 200,000 litres of water storage for people and wildlife
  4. We have built 31 school and community ablution blocks to improve sanitation and reduce disease
  5. We have built 8 new school kitchen and dinning facilities for school children
  6. We have planted over 650,000 trees
  7. We have removed over 14 tonnes of marine refuse from fragile coastlines
  8. We have treated over 5,000 livestock to improve food security for farmers
  9. 800 young children are receiving proper meals because of our school feeding program
  10. We have provided sports facilities for 6,500 people in rural areas of Kenya and Borneo.

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RJ7 website: .RJ7 website

RJ Seven blog: .RJ7 Expeditions blog

Camps International website: .Camps International website

*all info and images from: RJ7 & Camps International.* Visit their websites for more info and get involved.

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